The Amazingly Lush Landscapes of Casa de Shenandoah

May 11, 2016
(Left photo) A pair of our fountains gleam in the sunshine. (Right photo). An aerial view of green Casa de Shenandoah.
(Left photo) A pair of our fountains gleam in the sunshine. (Right photo). An aerial view of green Casa de Shenandoah.

If you’re a first time visitor to Las Vegas, you might be in for a Mojave Desert-sized surprise: it’s not all brown. In fact, there’s actually quite a lot of emerald-toned landscaping to be enjoyed in this dry metropolis!

Some of it, of course, has been introduced, such as verdant, grassy lawns and swaying, manicured palm trees (the wild ones in the region are a bit scraggly and bushy, actually). There is also native “greenery,” such as the hardy mesquite and desert willow trees that thrive at our wonderful neighbor, Clark County’s popular Sunset Regional Park.

Inside the white-bricked, hacienda-style wall that surrounds Casa de Shenandoah’s 53 acres, we mostly tend toward the former, with great swaths of jade-tinted turf filling our ranch. In addition, we have elegantly sculptured topiary, especially close to our Mansion.

Also found throughout our property are stately deciduous trees with their sturdy trunks and outstretching branches. In spring they blossom; in autumn they blaze. Refined evergreen trees, such as slender cypresses, lend their needled beauty as well. And here and there, flowers such as roses lend accents of magenta and other delightful hues almost year-round in Las Vegas’ mild-wintered clime.

Some of Casa de Shenandoah’s most impressive and entrancing features are our sparkling ponds, fountains and waterfalls. Not only are they lovely to look at, they are welcome homes for gorgeous white swans as well as migrating ducks making their way north and south depending upon the season. Our wide lawns are also a frequent draw for hungry feathered visitors looking for a snack or two!

Some of our visitors familiar with the Southwest’s ongoing drought problems might worry that these features are draining Lake Mead and the Colorado River watershed. On the contrary, our attractions are fed with naturally occurring artesian groundwater similar to Sunset Park’s lake just down the road.

Well water is also a major component of our Exotic Animal Exhibit, especially Penguin Island. Our hilarious South African penguins, including Charley, frolic in their own exclusive Vegas pool area, just like people do at local resorts from Mandalay Bay to Circus Circus and Red Rock Resort to the Golden Nugget.

Another special place in our estate makes noted use of artesian resources: Aramus Stables. As a part of our award-winning ranch, we have a custom pool for our prized Arabian horses. In warmer months, it allows the fine creatures to exercise their muscles while cooling off with a refreshing dip. It’s quite the scene to see!

On the subject of horses, our visitors will notice a number of areas without landscaping or water, but fine-grained sand instead. These are our corrals and paddocks where our steeds are trained. Our largest enclosure is sided with grandstand seating for our visitors to enjoy daily equestrian shows.

Beyond lawns, trees, water and ranch structures, our lush estate grounds are also decorated with lovely arbors and trellises that provide refreshing shade. There’s even impressive statuary, such as the dramatic statue portraying the myth of Leda and the Swan in our mansion’s “backyard.”

All in all, our grounds are an oasis unlike anything else in Las Vegas … or anywhere else, for that matter!