Taking a Look at Aramus Arabians Stables

June 23, 2016
(Top photo) The handsome exterior of our main Aramus Stables barn. (Bottom photo, clockwise) 1. Arabian horses enjoy some sunshine outside their barn stalls. 2. An Arabian mare performs a routine. 3. A mare gets a washing. 4. The mare is led through an equine swimming pool.

How many museums in the world — let alone right here in Las Vegas — have a ranch as a part of their facilities? We’d guess not many, but Casa de Shenandoah definitely does with our famous Aramus Arabians Stables.

Located in the midst of our 52-acre spread, the stables house dozens of beautiful and graceful Arabian horses. The facilities are top-notch and are a part of our Diamond Tour packages.

Animal Manager Robin Vaughn explains how stables set Casa de Shenandoah apart in the realm of museums.

“We are a working ranch,” says Vaughn, standing in a hallway of the ranch’s central barn. “Wayne Newton has some of best mares in the world and some of the top stallions.”

Not only is this horse home spotless, it’s decorated with fine paintings, just like the interior of our Mansion. Even the tack room is an organized, colorful sight.

Just down a few stalls down from where Vaughn stands, one of the Arabians gets a thorough washing by two of Casa de Shenandoah’s hardworking ranch hands. The horse is secured for its safety then given a sudsy scrubbing followed by a rinse. It has a definite look of enjoyment in its sparkling eyes.

Vaughn explains more about busy Aramus Arabians Stables, including that it’s a leading breeding ranch.

“We do a lot of delivering of babies here on property,” she says.

“We do everything from feeding to veterinary work to all of the trimming and shoeing of the horses here on property,” Vaughn continues as the freshly clean mare is led by.

Having been Arabian breeders for decades, the Newton family is well known in equestrian circles for its breeding stock. In fact, many foals are purchased from the business, especially stallions.

“Wayne doesn’t part too often with our females,” says Vaughn, explaining that Wayne prefers to keep many females for showing and breeding. Some of the horses even go to school, as it were. Promising Aramus Arabians Stables horses are trained for exhibition, and many have won competitions.

This education is on display daily for our guests on Gold Tour packages and up.

After leaving the Wayne Newton Museum, shuttles stop at our performance corral, complete with shaded grandstand seating. There, our trainers lead talented horses through routines that show the creatures’ agility and intelligence.

Even more astounding (for Diamond Tour guests and up) is our unique equine swimming pool. It allows the horses to take a refreshing dip while getting in some extra exercise. They love it, and it’s a true sight to behold!

According to Vaughn, Casa de Shenandoah guests are always impressed by the wonderful surroundings our Arabian horses enjoy.

“They often leave comments like ‘If I live a good life, I’ll die and come back as Wayne Newton’s horse,’” she laughs as she leads the freshly cleaned horse outside for a dip.