It’s All About the Animals!

March 7, 2016

Beautiful animals and Las Vegas have been intertwined for decades, from flamingoes and tigers to dolphins performing at hotels.

Few celebrities in The Entertainment Capital of the World are as dedicated to animals as Wayne Newton. Throughout his life, he has had a strong connection with wildlife and “domesticated” friends alike.

One of the most wonderful spots in Casa de Shenandoah is our Exotic Animal Exhibit. This is an outdoor menagerie of Wayne’s feathered and furry pals. It’s a dedicated stop on all of our tour packages.

For many, the star of the show is Boo the capuchin monkey. He’s full of personality and has lots of charm. He’s definitely smart, too. You can watch him play in his custom habitat filled with plenty of branches to swing on and toys to play with. He loves it when visitors arrive and is one of Wayne’s best buddies.

Not to be outdone, however, is Simon. He’s a gorgeously plumed parrot with a bright yellow beak that nicely complements his green feathers. Simon is very talkative and enjoys performing for visitors. You’ll definitely laugh when he gives his signature “hey there” whistle!

Other beautiful birds that live in our exhibit include parakeets and doves. And are those actual penguins cavorting in crystal-clear pools of artesian well water? Yes, indeed! Don’t be alarmed, however, at the thought of these Southern Hemisphere critters residing in the Mojave Desert. These particular penguins are from the coast of South Africa, where the species adapted to a similar climate. The flightless fellows are quite hilarious and charismatic.

While we’re on the topic of birds, our entire estate grounds are favorite stopovers for avian visitors of all types. Visitors can even see a rare white peacock now and then and watch ducks frolic in our pools, too.

Also, be sure to spend some time with our wallabies. These fuzzy marsupials from “down under” are absolutely adorable!

Beyond the Exotic Animal Exhibit is another aspect of Wayne’s personal dedication to animals: our Aramus Arabians stables.

The Newton family has bred Arabian horses at Casa de Shenandoah for years. The ancient breed is known for its intelligence, grace and athletic ability. The stables take their name from Aramus, Wayne’s prized stallion. (Fun fact: Apollo astronauts took an Aramus pendant to the moon and back! It’s in our Museum collection.)

Casa de Shenandoah’s grounds feature numerous horse facilities, such as corrals where they run and are trained. There is even a pool where they can bathe and cool off.

One of the most dynamic parts of Casa de Shenandoah tours are our daily equestrian shows. During these exciting demonstrations, our skilled horse trainers lead our four-hoofed residents through a range of exercises and moves that showcase these magnificent creatures’ impressive abilities.

All of our animal residents are cared for by professional staff and live healthy, safe lives. Come visit them on a tour!